2) Learning the Nature of Waves

I like Pema Chodron’s thoughts about Failing.  Basically:

I fail.

I try and fail again, only I fail better this time.


Finally, I succeed.

The attitude is one of going into the ocean, past the waves.  At first each wave makes you tumble and come up with sand and salt in your mouth.  “What?!  What nerve the ocean has!”  But it’s not personal, and it’s not going to change for you.  Once you realize it is its own entity, you can start playing with it.  See how strong the water is and feel the bubbles surging around you.  “How wonderful!””

You get to KNOW the water and the waves.  Eventually you find out that you can get low or dive into the wave to make progress past the breakers.  You have to accept that the tops are too hard to go over.  The only way to get past the waves is to hold your breath, go underneath and let it pass by you.  You understand waves now.  You know their nature and how to interact with them.  You can even learn how to let them carry you for a ride!

Try to do the same with people and organizations.  Get to know them as separate entities that are not going to change for you.  Find out what is fun about them.  Learn their nature. Figure out how to let their force exist without pounding you (Don’t face it full on: LET it surge over and around and PAST you).  You can even align with their force at times to experience something new and powerful.  Hmm.  🙂